I love how wrestling does certain things backwards. Jerry the King burying ECW and The Miz because he liked them is one of the more prominent examples.

I like how CM Punk is burying John Lauranitis’ American career in a very honest way, but while leaving out that Johnny Ace was beloved by some of the fans Punk respects the most, the Japanese fans. And John’s lack of success wasn’t due to a lack of in ring ability, but due to a terminal lack of personality. Something he has apparently addressed in the interim, because he’s the most interesting character on the show right now.

I love to hate Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Interim RAW General Manager John Lauranitis. Just that whole fuckin’ title. It gets heat like a furnace.

I think he’s a better evil boss than Mr. McMahon, because Vince is so transparently Evil and Johnny Ace is a much more recognizable form of evil everybody has seen in a shitty boss before, the evil of incompetence. You can’t tell if he’s trying to fuck you over on purpose, or if shit just keeps rolling downhill, and there he is on his fuckin’ BlackBerry again, what a motherfucker.

this is kinda disjointed and rambling but fuck you it’s my blog.

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    Agreed with everything. John Lauranitis at the end of Raw was terrific, he was slowly reaching breaking point and then...
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